Hurricane Ian’s death toll rises as crews in Florida go door to door in search for survivors in decimated neighborhoods

CNN — After Hurricane Ian obliterated communities in Florida, rescue crews going door to door in search of survivors are reporting more deaths, and residents grappling with loss are facing a long, daunting recovery. As of Tuesday, at least 102 people have been reported killed by the hurricane in Florida – 55 of them in … Read more

Trump goes to Supreme Court over Mar-a-Lago search and seizure of documents

CNN — Former President Donald Trump has asked the Supreme Court to intervene in the dispute over materials marked as classified the FBI seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate this summer. His emergency request with the Supreme Court is the latest example of the former President seeking to involve the justices in investigations that entangle him … Read more

Opinion: Guantanamo Bay prison camp has become America’s cage

Editor’s Note: Editor’s note: Elisa Massimino is visiting professor and executive director of the Human Rights Institute at Georgetown University Law Center and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. The views in this commentary are her own. Read more opinion at CNN. CNN — According to Google Search, one of the most … Read more

Indonesia stadium tragedy: 130 people dead following soccer match stampede

CNN — At least 131 people are dead after chaos and violence erupted during an Indonesian league soccer match into the early hours of Sunday, according to East Java’s Governor, in what is one of the world’s deadliest stadium disasters of all time. Supporters of Arema FC and rival Persebaya Surabaya, two of Indonesia’s biggest … Read more

For some Christians, ‘rapture anxiety’ can take a lifetime to heal

Thirteen-year-old April Ajoy had a sense something wasn’t right. It was quiet in her Dallas house. Too quiet. Her brothers were gone. Her parents were gone. On her parents’ bed, a pile of her mother’s clothes signaled something terrifying. Ajoy’s mind began churning, trying to remember, trying to make plans. When was the last time … Read more

Noru became a super typhoon in 6 hours. Scientists say powerful storms are becoming harder to forecast

CNN — Residents on the small resort island of Polillo are accustomed to severe weather – their island sits in the northeastern Philippines, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean where storms typically gather strength and turn into typhoons. But even they were stunned by the intensity of Typhoon Noru, known locally as Typhoon Karding, … Read more

Stolen in 1917, this 1,000-year-old manuscript was just returned to its rightful owners

CNN — A 1,000-year-old manuscript looted during World War I has been returned to the Greek monastery from where it was stolen more than a century ago. The manuscript is one of the oldest handwritten gospels in the world, according to a news release from the Museum of the Bible, which acquired it in 2014. … Read more

Get up to speed on Trump’s strategy: delay delay delay

A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter. To get it in your inbox, sign up for free here. CNN — While a lot of us have been entertained by weather events (Ian) and world events (Russia) there were multiple developments on multiple fronts where it concerns former President Donald Trump this … Read more

As Ian weakens farther inland, recovery efforts are underway in Florida and South Carolina

Editor’s Note: Affected by the storm? Use CNN’s lite site for low bandwidth. You also can text or WhatsApp your Ian stories to CNN +1 332-261-0775. CNN — As post-tropical cyclone Ian moves inland across North Carolina early Saturday, communities in Florida and South Carolina are recovering after the deadly storm brought torrential rain, powerful … Read more

DOJ asks court to speed up appeal of special master review in Mar-a-Lago case

CNN — The Justice Department has asked a federal appeallate court to speed up its schedule for weighing the department’s appeal of a judge’s order requiring a special master to review classified documents from Mar-a-Lago. In the expedition request filed to the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, the DOJ proposed a briefing … Read more