Haunting Photo Captures Million-Mile-Long Plume Shooting Out of The Sun : ScienceAlert

An astrophotographer has captured a hauntingly beautiful image of a massive plume of plasma shooting out of the Sun. The fiery filament, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), extended into space to a distance of more than 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers) from the solar surface, according to the photographer. The image was … Read more

Astronauts fly Albert Einstein doll to demo physicist’s ‘happiest thought’

October 5, 2022 — Albert Einstein’s “happiest thought” has been proven again by four international astronauts and a small doll made in his likeness. Upon entering Earth orbit on Wednesday (Oct. 5), the crew members on board SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft “Endurance” revealed their chosen “zero-g indicator,” a plush toy of the late theoretical physicist. Floating … Read more

A new method to enable efficient interactions between photons

Two photons propagating in a waveguide interacting with a single quantum emitter. The photon-photon interaction, which results in correlations. Credit: Le Jeannic et al. Photons, particles that represent a quantum of light, have shown great potential for the development of new quantum technologies. More specifically, physicists have been exploring the possibility of creating photonic qubits … Read more

NASA says 110-foot wide asteroid is zooming towards Earth today! Danger looming?

According to NASA, a 110-foot wide asteroid called 2022 TB1 is headed towards Earth today. Is it dangerous? What is the chance of an asteroid strike? With asteroids constantly moving past the Earth, the threat of an asteroid strike is not really that far-fetched. This risk grows significantly higher whenever a large asteroid makes its … Read more

TESS discovers an old warm Jupiter-like exoplanet

Gaia EDR3 catalog over-plotted on the TESS Target Pixel File of TOI-5542 for Sector 13. Credit: Grieves et al., 2022. Using the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), an international team of astronomers has detected a new old and warm Jupiter-like alien world orbiting a G-dwarf star. The newfound exoplanet, designated TOI-5542 b, is the size … Read more