Richard Sherman Reacts to Russell Wilson’s Familiar Fourth-Quarter INT

Richard Sherman continued his season-long roast of Russell Wilson Thursday night after watching his old teammate’s costly late-game blunder against the Colts. On a night where both offenses struggled to produce, the Broncos quarterback had a chance to secure a home victory with Denver up 9–6 with 2:13 remaining in the fourth quarter. Wilson dropped … Read more

Haunting Photo Captures Million-Mile-Long Plume Shooting Out of The Sun : ScienceAlert

An astrophotographer has captured a hauntingly beautiful image of a massive plume of plasma shooting out of the Sun. The fiery filament, known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), extended into space to a distance of more than 1 million miles (1.6 million kilometers) from the solar surface, according to the photographer. The image was … Read more

Opinion: The Fed doesn’t have a choice anymore. Get ready for a recession

Editor’s Note: Gad Levanon is the chief economist at the Burning Glass Institute. He’s the former head of The Conference Board’s Labor Market Institute. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. To many economists and analysts, the US economy has represented a paradox this year. On the one hand, GDP growth has slowed … Read more

Eating Late Can Change How You Burn Calories And Store Fat, Depressing Study Finds : ScienceAlert

A new study suggests eating later in the day can directly impact our biological weight regulation in three key ways: through the number of calories that we burn; our hunger levels; and the way our bodies store fat. With obesity now affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide, this is a valuable insight into how … Read more

The Kremlin behaved ‘like a drug dealer’ over gas supplies, Polish PM says

The Kremlin behaved “like a drug dealer” when it comes to Europe’s gas supplies, according to Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. “Initially the gas [from Russia] was supposed to be very cheap, but the real price of the gas we now know. The real price of the gas is also the blood of soldiers and … Read more

Apple October product launches — iPad Pro 2022, MacBook Pro M2 Pro and more

An Apple October event is reportedly not happening, but that doesn’t mean October isn’t a big month for new Apple products. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently reported that it is “unlikely” we’ll see an event (opens in new tab)with Apple instead turning to press releases to herald any new arrivals in October. And there should certainly … Read more

Will Hurricane Ian force Ron DeSantis to confront climate reality? | Ron DeSantis

When Ron DeSantis succeeded his climate-denying Republican colleague Rick Scott as Florida’s governor in 2019, environmental groups welcomed him as a breath of fresh air. Red Tide Rick, as Scott became known by critics because of the state’s toxic algae blooms, was gone, and one of DeSantis’s first acts after taking office was to sign … Read more

The Italian town where half the population is called Tucci

(CNN) — What’s it like visiting a town in Italy where more than half the population has the same name as you? For actor Stanley Tucci, accompanying his elderly parents to his ancestral homeland in the southern Italian region of Calabria, it was “very emotional.” The Tucci family made a pilgrimage to the town of … Read more